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Color Talking, a startup based in Dhaka aiming to improve the Bangla reading and writing experience on technology platforms. We're creating amazing online brands for Internet audiences of Bangladesh since 2011.

Bangla Only

Our brands bring original, fresh and modern content to the most valuable web audiences of Bangladesh who love to communicate in Bangla.

Mobile First

All of our products are built on latest web technologies for optimal viewing experience across a wide range of platforms and devices.

Users' Benefit

Our products not only ensure great user experience but also offer various incentivize model for readers, writers and contributors.


From hard news to home improvement or family planning, our multiple editorial voices drive influence across channels and redefine how content is created and socialized. With over 2 million unique visitors each month, Color Talking is one of the fastest growing online publishing network for Bangla speakers.

Lekhok Platform

The only meaningful platform for Bangla writers and readers

Lekhok Keyboard

A smart solution if you want to write Bangla in Bangla


Tiny blow for a long run - beautify long and ugly links


Here at Color Talking, we do what we love to do. The only products we release are ones that we truly believe in being integrative and crucial in enhancing and improving upon the lives of Bangladeshi people from all walks of life.

  • Sep 2010

    A Journey to Nowhere!

    It began all of a sudden in a hot rainy day. A question if it’s going to rain tomorrow was the first point of the journey. Later it took many turns but the approach remain the same - we love to answer the questions of life.

  • Jan 2011

    Launching of

    Our first product and the very first weather site for Bangladesh was launched in the very first day of 2011. The memories are still fresh and exciting.

  • Oct 2011

    Our footprint on publishing business

    We launched our first publishing channel as one of the earliest Bangla online lifestyle magazines. Few months later we launched our second publishing channel focusing on Bangla recipes.

  • March 2013

    Defining the mission

    We all have our goals in life but it took sometime to determine what we really want to do at Color Talking. With many insights from different sources, we set our mission to improve the Bangla reading and writing experience on technology platforms.

  • Apr 2014

    An informal move to become a formal company

    Our flagship product Lekhok Platform was launched with 10 brand new publishing channels on 8th April - 6 days ahead of Pohela Boishakh, the Bangla New Year.

  • July 2014

    A registered company!

    We became a Registered Limited Company at Joint Stock Companies and Firms, Bangladesh under The Company Act of XVIII of 1994. A long way to go!

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As you read this, our small, yet determined, team is working hard on their sketch-pads, hard-drives, and cloud folders, to present to you a whole slew of innovation which make up our product line yet to come.

Tirana Khan


Mujtaba Morshed


Sara Safrin


Rezaur Rahman


M Nazimuddaula


Shahriar Haque


Jamael Tanveer


Tahin Rahman


Mirza Salman Beg



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